1.0-About Mr Ramesh P Thatte
MR.Ramesh Pandurang Thatte Uidai-578338730149-410222 DOB-29 June1942
B E Elect-Pune-1964/M.TechElect1968(IITB1965-1967) Sec-B IE(I)(Mech-Chem-Industrial)
Ex IAF Pilot Officer(Tech Sigs-11230-03Oct1967-17Nov1971) at Bangalore Jammu New Delhi Baroda Thane Juhu Airodrome
Snehsadan Near HIL COLONY BUS STOP Dand phata to Mohopada Road RASAYANI AREA
Po-Mohopada Tal-Khalapur Dist-Raigad.Maharashtra.INDIA.Pin-410222

1.1-Schematic Presentation of the Phenomena --Mr Thatte's Brain as InfoTransmitter & Body functions like Brain Activities,Respiration,Blood Circulation Secretions Digestion are continuous for Lifelong ie without ON/OFF facility.Mr Thatte 'gets always noticed,can’t hide' among surrounding persons
 |<-Thatte's Brain Exclusively->-I-<--Open to public,communication Engrs/scientists-->|
|<-Personal/Body Function>->--|--<-Politicians,IAS/IPS Officers,Media Persons etc-->--|
I Public query NOT Allowed ->-I
-Seen thr eyes->->->-[--City A--]->->->->-Information Goes Thr Air->->->->--[---City B---]
-------Light->-----[Thattes Brain-]->->->->-Seen Heard by Mr Thatte->->->-----[--Brains of-]
Heard thr ear--[OR Man Made-]->->->->-Talked Thought by Thatte->->->----[-People as--]
-- ---Sound----  [-Broadcaster---]->--Thatte'sBrainToBrainsEntanglement->-[Mail Boxes]
The Mail boxes inside human brains get opened(Due to trigger pulses OR Entanglement from Thattes Brain)when Mr Thatte is within five mtrs distance. SIMILAR TO “The e-mails are stored in e-mail boxes of ISPs and are displayed on computer screen thr the use of ID and password.Mr Thatte's PRESENCE (Like KASTURI MRUG) is thus felt among surrounding PEOPLE  at ALL places everywhere in world         This is SIMPLE Practical Approval TEST
Range Fixation-Information(Thatte's talks thoughts and actions on certain TOPICS during previous few days,weeks and month) transmitted by Mr Thattes Brain at place say A Mumbai  is retained in the memory part of brains of human beings at Place B say Pune Bangalore Mathura ie 750 kms apart.Mr Thatte goes to place B and gets public verbal response thr comments/talks on "what Mr Thatte did at place" A say Mumbai.The distance between"Sending And Receiving ends" say A to B fixes the range
2.1.0-Practical Methods of approval-Public or Common Man's Experience
Precautions –Medicos/Physicians,NOT familiar with Mr Thattes Brain Phenomena Political enemies of Mr Thatte may give wrong impression Medical Diadgostic Devices Capabilities are INADEQUATE to RETRIEVE/Verify Information received “thr five organsSkull”and stored inside Human Brain.Therefore their own brain experiences is correct opinion.
Following  methods are suggested. External Information Experienced/sensed/witnessed by Human Beings thr all senses lik Hearing,Seeing,Smell,Taste,Touch,Sixth Sense are approved thr statements.
2.1.1.-Mr Thattes Silent Communication for few hours days in offices work places, libraries etc.
Initially Mr XYZ’s brain will not be able to distinguish between a)Information Transmitted by Mr Thatte's brain VERSES b)Thoughts coming to Mr XYZ's mind through his own thinking .Mr XYZ will be able to distinguish between these two, provided Mr.Thatte's brain tries to transmit wrong information about him as below
Mr Thatte & Mr XYZ are sitting in a library facing each other.Mr Thatte tries to think continuously as following
a].Mr XYZ at present is in mental asylum.b].Mr XYZ is 120 years old fellow.c].Mr XYZ died 3 years ago. d].Mr XYZ is travelling in NASA's Space shuttle. e]Mr XYZ is swimming in arabian sea.                                  f]Mr XYZ is playing football.
g].Mr XYZ is addressing a public meeting.
Mr XYZ can’t think about himself as above & may accept it as Mr Thatte’s Brain had fed/forced into his brain
2.1.2 Mr Thattes Silent Presence noted/commented by surrounding crowd &Approved by VerifyingTeam
Verifying Team Accompanies Mr.Thatte at crowded places like roads,big malls hotels public offices buses and bus stops,railway stations & compartments,theatres,melas etc in cities & watches the public response,talks,comments onMr Thatte These comments will be related to Information transmitted by Mr.Thatte's brain and stored in people's brains even at long distances during previous two three days weeks etc
This method also APPROVE the RANGE of Information transmission from Mr Thattes Brain
2.1.3-Verification Team Approval of Mr Thatte's Acts,Deeds Meetings etc at outstations
Mr Thatte alone goes out to say Mumbai Panvel Dombiwali Pune etc and meets/visits/talks/discuss etc with some persons Afterwards Mr Thattes return back to Rasayani.The Verification Team ,Rasayani people etc comment  upon Mr Thattes meetings,visits,talks,discussions etc during outstation stay.Mr Thattes Brain transmission has fed this information already thr space into brains of Rasayani people.
2.1.4-Mr Thattes Talks in Closed Room & Public Comments at crowded roads places malls
A.--Mr Thatte have discussed some old days events with Mr XYZ in a closed room.After that both go together for a walk on crowded roads/place.People's voluntary comments upon the events discussed in closed room" is noted by Mr XYZ & he approves the phenomena     AND/OR
B.--Mr Thatte visits Mr XYZ.Then Mr Thatte then goes away for doing 10-12 important events in 15 minutes,comes back and visits MrXYZ again.Mr XYZ will be able to identify himself about what Mr Thatte has done during that period.   AND/OR
C-- Mr Thatte visits Mr XYZ. Mr XYZ automatically come to know events related to Mr Thatte during preceding few hrs days etc Thatte's Brain pulses trigger memory of that person.
2.1.5-Mr Thatte's Broadcasting during Public Election Period
Public speeches and meetings are banned for last 48 hrs.of voting period. But Mr Thatte can do propoganda work thr Communication Broadcaster NO legal action is found possible.
2.1.6---Deaf & Dumb Persons responses to Mr Thattes Brain Transmission .Mr Thatte talks with 3-4 persons on simple topic understood by deaf person.Deaf person sits 4-5 feet away but separed by cloth curtain & unable to see lip movements of these 3-4 persons.The deaf persons response by writing or lip movements about talk is a proof of this phenomena.This information transfer is from Mr Thattes brain into the skull of DEAF person
2.1.7--Organisations based in Mumbai/Pune area can verify the phenomenon through their reporters, informers,private detectives,social and political leaders,CID,CBI,Central Intelligence Agency,KGB,MOSAD,FIB of USA etc
3.1.1--The Phenomena was publisshed by Late Mr Purushottam R Behere in Navashakti Nov1978.& by Late Mr Pramod Navalkar Shivsena MLA in Marmik Apri l1979.Respectively
3.2.2--Late Mr T A Swaminathan B Tech(Chem),Ex CMD of HOCL during 1975-77, had strongly supported my phenomena & wished to refer for CISR Research.Mr Thatte’s Engineer friends of HOCL ie Mr Bhate,Mr Raje,Mr Anchawale,Mr Shende,Mr Bhadani,Mr Madhavan,Mr Patels,Mr Patil &Twenty Five others have signed an Appeal for publishing in above two papers.Approval Certificates by Mr G G Raje M Tech,Late Mr S B Anchawale B E,Mr Rajesh Shende B Tech Mr I A Patel,Late Mr J G Patel (all Hocl Employees) have Signed Approval Certificates for my brain phenomena during years1980-81. By Mr GIRISH G RAJE.JPG